The best method to win at online casinos

There are lots of methods that can be applied to win at online casinos but the best one is very famous and can be very powerful if it is correctly played.


I will explain this method :


First you have to chose the right online casino for example my advice is to chose Red Flush Online Casino which offers really exciting casino games and which is very famous amongst the online casinos.


Second you have to make a deposit in order to start playing. I suggest that you would deposit €100 or $100 in order to benefit the most of the deposit bonus which doubles your first deposit. That way you will have €200 or $200 in your bankroll so that you can start playing confortably with a large bankroll.


Third you have to chose a casino game that offers to bet wether on the black or red.

Then the method is quite simple, you have to apply it strictly :


  • you bet on the red

  • if you win it’s ok then let’s bet on the black

  • if you lose then double your bet amount and bet again on the red

  • if you lose again then you double again your bet amount and bet again on the red

  • you must keep on betting on the red till you win

  • when you have won then you change the color and start betting on the black



Roulette at an online casino

Roulette at an online casino



This method as you can see is quite simple, but it has the advantage to be also quite efficient !

You can not lose, you will always win because when you lose you double your bet amount so that you can always get back in your pocket your initial bets amount.


This method is well known by all the online casinos but there is no solution to neutralize it. The only solution for them to win is to have you playing as much as possible so that finally you won’t have enough funds to keep on doubling your bets amounts.


So there is a secret recipe inside that method, the most important and unfair advantage that will decide wether you will be a winner or a looser on an online casino : know the instant when you stop playing !


You should not be too much greedy, you should be able to stop winning and get back your money directly to your bank account as soon as you estimate that you got enough winnings with the method.


This is the most important point about that method : know your strenght and stop playing at the right time. Then you can decide to play at another online casino.


If you have secured a few bucks onto your bank account then you can open an account at another website with just a few part of your winnings.


So to resume, use that simple method and make sure to withdraw your winnings at the right time. This will be your best and only good decision, the decision that makes you win over the online casino.

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