How to Take Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino platforms didn’t always enjoy popularity and peaks in demand, as the first establishments had to face fierce opposition from their land-based counterparts and numerous sceptics. Justifiably so, as numerous scam casino sites appeared at that time due to lack in regulative, aiming to trick players out of their money without paying them their winnings.

As a result, reliable and trustworthy operators worked hard to distinguish themselves from the rest, both by complying with the new legal regulations and provisions from corresponding authoritative body, and by improving their product offering. The latter resulted in a series of player benefits which turned into the industry standard, known as online casino bonuses and promotions.


Types of Online Casino Bonuses

These bonuses offered by online casino operators served to prove that they have the players’ best interests in mind, mainly by allowing them to experience additional game time. Such benefits are awarded to casino players on various occasions, ultimately resulting in several different types of bonuses:

  • No Deposit Bonus – bonus rewarded to players upon signup as free spins or free play money, in order to let them experience the online casino platform without depositing any of their own money;

  • Welcome Bonus – a deposit match bonus, rewarding players for making their initial cash deposit with the platform;

  • Reload Bonus – a bonus matching the player’s deposit on a time-limited level (normally monthly);

  • Payment Method Related Bonus – a deposit match bonus, rewarding players for using a specific payment method;

  • Refer-a-friend Bonus – online casino bonus used to reward players for recommending the casino and increasing traffic.

Casino Bonus


Taking Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses

As you can see at, these bonuses come in the form of free spins or free chips, i.e. a specific amount of cash credited to your player account to be used for gameplay. Regardless of the type of bonus online casino players decide to claim, there are certain considerations that could help them make the most of this benefit, as they normally come with specific terms:

  1. Pick a reliable online casino

A key consideration for an enjoyable online casino experience is to choose a reliable and trustworthy casino operator. For one, the casino platform needs to hold a license with the authoritative body from the corresponding jurisdiction, such as the Gambling Commission in the UK, Malta and so on. Moreover, the casino operator should comply with industry requirements in terms of SSL encryption certificates. Holding a seal of approval from an independent audit company that performs regular control and check-ups of the software and RNG used on the platform is yet another sign of a reliable service.

  1. Read the wagering requirements

Each bonus comes with wagering requirements – the specific number of times the bonus amount that the player would need to deposit and playthrough in order to clear the bonus and withdraw any winnings they have accumulated. These can vary greatly, but should still maintain a balance between the amount that is awarded and required.

  1. Consider game availability for the particular bonus offer

Online casino bonuses are often restricted to specific titles of the casino’s game selection, which is why players should consider their gameplay preferences if they want to take full advantage of the benefit.

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Choisir votre casino en ligne en 3 étapes

Quand vous décidez de vous amuser un peu sur un casino en ligne il faut d’abord choisir où vous allez jouer. Ce n’est pas toujours facile de choisir quand on est novice !

L’offre est tellement vaste que vous pouvez trouver des dizaines de comparateurs de casinos en ligne qui donnent tous les détails sur chaque casino.

Pour autant, les comparateurs ne sont pas toujours fiables car ils ne sont pas forcément objectifs puisqu’ils classent les casinos en fonctions des commissions que ceux-ci leur versent.

Voici donc les 3 étapes à respecter pour choisir un casino de qualité qui ne vous fera pas défaut au moment de payer vos gains !


1ère étape : s’inscrire et tester

Nous vous recommandons de vous inscrire sur « Royal Vegas Online Casino » qui est un des casinos en ligne les plus reconnus au monde. Sur ce casino vous êtes certain d’avoir à faire à une maison renommée dans le milieu.

Vous pouvez commencer à jouer gratuitement pour appréhender les différents jeux. Il y a une multitude de jeux disponibles qui raviront les joueurs les plus exigeants.

Vous pouvez tester tous les jeux, certains jeux sont plus faciles que d’autres, certains jeux permettent également de gagner plus facilement.

Ce qui est intéressant dans cette étape c’est que vous pouvez tout tester car vous jouez avec une monnaie fictive mais dans les mêmes conditions que si vous jouiez en argent réel.

Royal Vegas Casino En Ligne

2ème étape : commencer à jouer en argent réel

Une fois la prise en mains terminée, vous pouvez passer aux choses sérieuses en effectuant votre premier dépôt. Jouer pour le plaisir c’est bien mais jouer pour gagner de l’argent c’est mieux !

Il faut tenir compte du bonus de premier dépôt offert. Généralement votre premier dépôt est doublé : c’est à dire que si vous déposez 100€ vous aurez 200€ pour jouer.

L’avantage avec le casino « Royal Vegas Casino En Ligne » est que vous aurez en sus des bonus lors de vos deuxième et troisième dépôt.

Ces multiples bonus offerts par les meilleurs casinos en ligne permettent de jouer plus longtemps et donc d’avoir plus de chances de décrocher un gain important.


3ème étape : effectuer un premier retrait

Ce conseil est valable surtout pour les petits casinos ou les casinos qui n’ont pas une grande attractivité. Il faut essayer de retirer une petite partie de votre capital pour valider si le casino rechigne ou non à vous payer et combien de temps il met pour vous payer.

Si après ces 3 étapes qui imposent la prudence vous constatez que le service semble être de qualité alors vous pouvez jouer sur vos 2 oreilles … le jour où vous gagnerez gros alors vous aurez la garantie de recevoir le fruit de votre dur labeur passé à jouer en ligne.


Conclusion :

Ces 3 étapes peuvent vous paraître être de bons sens, mais il est bon de les rappeler et nous vous conseillons de les respecter strictement afin d’éviter une éventuellement déconvenue.

Amusez vous bien, dépensez avec modération, et surtout, faites vous plaisir en jouant, c’est le mot d’ordre le plus important, quand on dépense un peu il est légitime d’obtenir en retour et ce que vous pouvez obtenir au minimum sur un casino en ligne c’est du plaisir !


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Casino Bonuses Online

Casino bonuses are popular freebies attracting devoted users on virtual casinos. Along with free spins, bonuses are the promotional money amounts included in the starting package and provided for free to each new casino registrant. To present first-rate offers, reviews the welcome deals on prominent casinos. From thousands of great casino bonus providers in the virtual casino industry, we make a selection of top online gambling experiences, including diverse bonuses to meet the needs of pickiest customers. By evaluating the overall package value, as well the specials, we shorten your route to earning amazing prizes and ending up your online casino activity richer not only in fun, but also in superb casino bonuses.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Hunters for exceptional casino offers like joining casinos which care about the customers by providing multiple promotional advantages. Reputable casinos engage users by offering numerous casino bonuses, captivating new members by rich starter packages and keeping loyal users by extra bonus deals. Casino bonuses usually go hand-by hand with free spins. At, we provide vital tips for feeling the thrill of a win without spending money on your own. It takes only a few steps to create an account on virtual casino websites and start using the benefits of the included multiple casino bonuses. When we gauge the value of bonuses, we consider deposits, wagering, payment, and cash-out requirements. Many of the included options do not require a bonus code and can be used automatically after signup.

Casino Bonus

No Deposit Bonus with Free Spins

Coming as a mandatory value of the initial registration for new casino players, no deposit casino bonuses are an indispensable gift for each beginner in online games. When followed by free spins, no deposit bonuses are an amazing method for trying out several new casino options at once. At, we include exclusive deals with no deposit casino bonuses starting from minimal amounts of several hundred to generous deals of several thousand pounds.

First Deposit or New Player Bonus

Players who decide to join a popular casino website for a paid membership can try their luck by supplying the first deposit. Most major casinos reward the trust of new players by offering an additional first deposit or new player casino bonus that tops up the amount of the initial no deposit bonuses.

Loyalty Bonus or Reload Bonus

Loyalty casino bonuses are tokens of appreciation for loyal customers. When you spend enough time playing online on a particular casino website, your dedication will be awarded with an additional reload casino bonus.

Match Casino Bonus

When the amount you deposit at registration gets supplemented by extra cash that matches the amount at signup you are the lucky winner of a match bonus. Match casino bonuses usually range from 50% to 100% of the first deposit.

Time-Limited Bonuses

When casino bonuses have time-related restrictions, this is usually because they are almost like free cash in amounts larger than the usual and added benefits like free spins or game tokens.

Wager-Free Casino Bonuses

To beat the competition, many virtual casinos are lowering the wagering requirements threshold. Some of our favourite online casinos provide minimal or almost wager-free casino bonuses.

Additional Game Bonuses

With an additional casino bonus, you get free try-outs at table games, video slots and favourite casino card games.


At, you can really take delight of casino bonuses by topping up your casino balance from multiple resources with plenty chances to win.

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Free Spins in Online Casinos

Free spins are a favourite of online casino lovers. To provide superior experience to their fan base, first-class casinos include no deposit free spins in the welcoming package, once new customers sign up for memberships. When you want to have virtual casino fun or make some real money while playing video slots or exploring i-gaming opportunities, free spins are the best way to test a casino website and dig into possible rewards and benefits. Casino Hawks provides reliable opinions for top-rated online casinos, making your passion for casino entertainment a priority by explaining bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs. At Casino Hawks, players come first. Along with basic cash casino bonuses, our reviewed free spins promotions are an excellent opportunity to get some instant free credit onto your account.


Top Free Spins Benefits


We provide skilled evaluation of the most effective ways to claim free spins online, selecting the best from the rest and helping you come to a no-brainer decision about extending your trust to an online casino. Feel like a winner each time you register for an account at one of our virtual casinos by getting free spins with ace benefits. At, we consider multiple elements to help you claim your free spin rewards:


  • Independent and tied up spins

  • Automatic and spins with bonus codes

  • Desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly free spins

  • Intuitive casino design

  • Free spins wagering requirements


When you make your number-one casino call, make sure that you claim your free spins and additional bonuses by using our exclusive links for an exceptional casino experience. We know fast and effective ways to deliver free spins gifts on your account. Play slots, table games and spin the casino wheel with a simple mouse click.

Free spins in Online Casinos

Win Free Spins from Our Finest Casino Selection


Popular virtual casinos provide free spins in the welcome offer. Registering for the casino website is all it takes for a new online gambling enthusiast to reap the benefits from free spins. Spins usually come alongside free cash bonuses, match bonuses or special loyalty programs. We make sure to provide clients with relevant information on how to seize each possible free spins deal offered on the casino market. By keeping track of the options below, you will never miss a chance to get free spins when you become a member of popular online casinos. Other than by opening a new account, you can get free spins by:


  • Seasonal, one-off and exclusive promotions

  • Extra free spins from winnings

  • Making cash deposits

  • New free spins for older deposits

  • Signing up for a casino newsletter


All it takes for you to enjoy a perfect online casino challenge is to register and verify your account. CasinoHawks advises you to explore free spins from casinos with lucrative deals offering multiple payment methods, plus loyalty programs, large game selection, a responsive design, and minimal deposit and wagering requirements. To make the best of free spins, we recommend signing up for multiple accounts on several casino websites.


To increase your chances to win real money by starting from free spins, remember to check often for limited promotions and added rewards. With no-strings-attached, the selected free spins at Casino Hawks are an invaluable tool for exciting online casino entertainment, spending no cash of your own.

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The best method to win at online casinos

There are lots of methods that can be applied to win at online casinos but the best one is very famous and can be very powerful if it is correctly played.


I will explain this method :


First you have to chose the right online casino for example my advice is to chose Red Flush Online Casino which offers really exciting casino games and which is very famous amongst the online casinos.


Second you have to make a deposit in order to start playing. I suggest that you would deposit €100 or $100 in order to benefit the most of the deposit bonus which doubles your first deposit. That way you will have €200 or $200 in your bankroll so that you can start playing confortably with a large bankroll.


Third you have to chose a casino game that offers to bet wether on the black or red.

Then the method is quite simple, you have to apply it strictly :


  • you bet on the red

  • if you win it’s ok then let’s bet on the black

  • if you lose then double your bet amount and bet again on the red

  • if you lose again then you double again your bet amount and bet again on the red

  • you must keep on betting on the red till you win

  • when you have won then you change the color and start betting on the black



Roulette at an online casino

Roulette at an online casino



This method as you can see is quite simple, but it has the advantage to be also quite efficient !

You can not lose, you will always win because when you lose you double your bet amount so that you can always get back in your pocket your initial bets amount.


This method is well known by all the online casinos but there is no solution to neutralize it. The only solution for them to win is to have you playing as much as possible so that finally you won’t have enough funds to keep on doubling your bets amounts.


So there is a secret recipe inside that method, the most important and unfair advantage that will decide wether you will be a winner or a looser on an online casino : know the instant when you stop playing !


You should not be too much greedy, you should be able to stop winning and get back your money directly to your bank account as soon as you estimate that you got enough winnings with the method.


This is the most important point about that method : know your strenght and stop playing at the right time. Then you can decide to play at another online casino.


If you have secured a few bucks onto your bank account then you can open an account at another website with just a few part of your winnings.


So to resume, use that simple method and make sure to withdraw your winnings at the right time. This will be your best and only good decision, the decision that makes you win over the online casino.

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